KEY QUALIFICATIONS: Over 45 years experience in conducting and supervising laboratory and field programs for biological and integrated pest control of economic insect pests, providing technical support and services for researchers, extension staff and farmers, organizing and lecturing in biological and IPM training programs, and supervising post graduate students for M. Sc. and Ph.D. locally and internationally.


Principal Investigator (PI) of the projects:


2013 – 2017

Current Egyptian project: "Risk Assessment of the Side-effects of Agricultural Pesticides on Non-target Organisms in Egyptian Agro-ecosystems", financed by the Egyptian Academy of Science and Technology.



CO/PI, the Egyptian project “Management of the Olive Fruit Fly, Bactrocera oleae Gmelin (Diptera: Tephritidae) in Egypt” sponsored by the Egyptian Agricultural Research Development Fund (ARDF), Ministry of Agriculture, Egypt.


2008 – 2011

The Egyptian-American collaborative project: "Non toxic control of tephritid fruit flies" with U.S.-Hawaii Dept. of Agriculture, US-Egypt Science and Technology Joint Fund. Duties include: establishment of potential bio-control agents to suppress Bactrocera zonata population in Egypt.


2004 - 2006

The Egyptian-American collaborative project carried out among MUCIA Linkage Project (USA), Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, National Research Centre (NRC), and Agricultural Research Centre (ARC) (Egypt) titled "Developing innovative and simple technologies for the mass production of bio-pesticides and transfer them to the Egyptian farmers growing exported vegetables". The project was funded by the USAID.


2002 - 2011

Scientific Supervisor and Member of the Council of the Bio-Organic Agricultural Service Center at Aswan- Upper Egypt, financed by the World Food Program (WFP) 3214.


1999 - 2002

Head of the Dept. of Biological Control (DBC), PPRI, ARC, MOA, Giza, Egypt.


1997 - 2003

The Egyptian Project: “Evaluation of some exotic parasitoid species against the cotton bollworms in Egyptian cotton fields”, funded by ARC.


1997 - 2001

The IPM Egyptian-American collaborative project, (ATUT) between ARC and the University of California, Riverside and Davis on wheat IPM based on biological control of aphids as the major pests of wheat in Egypt, sponsored by the USAID.


Co/ Principal Investigator (PI) and team member in the projects:


1991 - 1994

CO/PI, the IPM Egyptian-American collaborative project (NARP), between ARC and three American universities; Texas A & M, New Mexico and California, Riverside, on cotton IPM with emphasis on biological control of bollworms, as major cotton pests in Egypt, sponsored by the USAID.


1988 to 1994

Regional scientist in charge of the project "Aphids Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in wheat fields in Egypt". The Egyptian - ICARDA project on cereals in Egypt and Nile Valley, sponsored by ICARDA organization.


1987 - 1994

CO/PI, the Egyptian project "Use of the egg-parasitoid, Trichogramma  evanescens West. in controlling the sugar-cane borer, Chilo agamemnon Bles. in sugar-cane fields in Upper Egypt", by mass rearing and release of the parasitoid as the most efficient control method.


1982 - 1986

Team member of the annual evaluation of tested insecticides, concerning their effect on the role of natural enemies in cotton fields in Egypt (3-5 Governorates yearly).


1982 – 1988

Team member of the Egyptian project: "Use of parasitoid and predators in controlling certain vegetable crop pests in Egypt", funded by ARC.



1982 - 1985

Biological control specialist in the Egyptian project "Biological Control of Corn Borers in Maize Fields in Egypt", sponsored by the Egyptian Academy of Science Research and Technology.


1978 - 1981

Studying for Ph.D. at the Faculty of Science, Leipzig University, Germany, on biological control of economic insects. Dissertation on "Biological and ecological studies on aphids parasitoids, as basic information for modeling pest control".


1974 - 1978

Team member of the Egyptian-American project: "Survey, Biological and Ecological Studies of Parasitoids and Predators of Certain Aphids Infesting Cotton and Other Crops in Egypt”, sponsored by the American project PL480.


1974 - 1977

Team member of the Egyptian project "Survey and Studies on the Natural Enemies of the Cotton Bollworm, Heliothis armigera Hb.", as one of the principle pests in cotton and vegetable crops in Egypt, sponsored by the Egyptian Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. 


1973 - 1976

Studying and conducting research work for M. Sc. in economic entomology (biological control). Thesis topic on "Insect fauna of Egyptian clover in Egypt" with emphasis on abundance of natural enemies before immigrating to cotton fields.