Title of Presented Papers


May  1981

Budapest, Hungary

Use of mathematical models in pest control.

Aug.  1984

Vancouver, Canada

4th conference on biological control of weeds.

Dec.  1987

El-Ain, U.A.E.

5th Arab Congress of Plant Protection. Release of mass reared parasitoids in sugar–cane fields in Egypt.

Sept. 1990

Texas, U.S.A.

Trichogramma and egg parasitoids Conference. The use of egg-parasitoids to control sugar-cane borers in Egypt.

Oct.  1993

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

ICARDA Regional Meeting, Efficacy of aphidophagous against aphids at wheat fields in Egypt.

Dec. 1995

Kampala, Uganda

African Conference. IPM for sustainable cotton production in Uganda.

Aug.  1996

Florence, Italy

Int. Conference of Entomology. The contribution of trap crops in integrated management of cotton pests in Uganda.

Oct.  1997

Beirut, Lebanon

6th Arab Congress of Plant Protection. Aphids and their natural enemies on faba bean in Egypt.

Apr.  1998

Aleppo, Syria

Sun pest Conference. IPM of wheat aphids in Egypt.

Aug.  2000

Iguassu, Brazil

Int. Conference of Entomology. IPM of wheat pests based on host plant resistance and biological control in Egypt.

Oct.  2000

Amman, Jordan

7th Arab Congress of Plant Protection. Biological control of olive fruit fly in Egypt.

Jan.   2002

Hawaii, USA

1st International Symposium for Biological Control of Arthropods.

Oct.  2003

El-Baeda, Libya

8th Arab Congress of Plant Protection. The significance of hyperparasitism on cereal aphid primary parasitoids in Egypt.

July  2004

Aleppo, Syria

2nd International conference on Sunn pest. Evaluation of exotic parasitoids of cereal aphids.

Sept. 2005

Davos, Switzerland

2nd Int. Symposium for Biological Control of Arthropods.

Nov.  2006

Damascus, Syria

9th Arab Congress of Plant Protection. Performance of exotic aphid parasitoid species against cereal aphids in Egypt.

Nov.  2008

Sousa, Tunisia

FAO Symposium. Role of natural enemies on olive pests in Egypt

Oct.  2009

Beirut, Lebanon

10th Arab Congress of Plant Protection. Control of Helicoverpa armigera by release of the parasitoid Trichogramma in tomato fields in Egypt.

Sept. 2010

Valencia, Spain

8th Fruit flies international Conference. Bactrocera zonata, pest status and its natural enemies in Egypt.

Nov. 2012


FAO Symposium. Pest status of Bactrocera zonata and its control measures in Egypt.

May, 2014

Bangkok, Thailand

9th Fruit flies international Conference. The potential of the parasitoid Aganaspis decide against Bactrocera zonata.

Nov. 2014

Amman, Jordan

IPM of economic olive pests

Aug. 2015

Berlin, Germany

Side-effects of pesticides on non-target organisms.

Pest status of the tomato leaf miner Tuta absoluta in the Arab region

Oct. 2016

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzigovena

IPM of the tomato leaf miner, Tuta absoluta in Egypt.